Refund & Return Policy


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At Food Supply Company, we pride ourselves in providing you with hand-selected fresh and top quality organic products. It’s important to recollect that fruit and vegetables are perishable, natural products which will react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather. Unfortunately, once we dispatch our produce, a variety of changes in condition may end in their longevity being reduced.


Air conditioning, extreme heat or changes in temperature can also harm the produce. Unfortunately, with all the possible variables, it's difficult for Food Supply Company to ensure the product quality in every case.

As each product is exclusive, so too, are your requirements and concerns surrounding your order. For that reason, we ask that you please contact us via email at support@foodsupply.com.ng to debate your queries or concerns about your order.



Orders that you simply submit online are processed immediately and can be cancelled before delivery only. Items might not be valid for return after the delivery invoice has been signed and therefore the items accepted.



Check your addresses carefully. Our delivery guarantee extends only to properly addressed orders. We cannot guarantee the condition of the package if the delivery service has got to reroute. We guarantee delivery only to the provided address confirmed on the order acknowledgement.



At Food Supply, our approach to returns has remained simple and aimed toward undisputable customer satisfaction. We ask, as a part of our cooperative commitment and dedication to improving consumer food safety that our customers work with Food Supply to suits the revisions that are made for Returns Policy. Food Supply will offer a refund for any product not accepted at time of delivery. After delivery, our refunds and return policy is restricted within certain guidelines. So, we advise that our customer follow these guidelines stated below as your delivery arrives:

•    Allow the Food Supply Delivery Agent verify that the items delivered are accepted as true with your invoice.

•    Check the products delivered if it aligns with what you order.

•    If there's any complaint about the standard of the product(s) delivered to you, the Food Supply delivery agent will replace it from our reserve supply from the delivery van

•    If a product is short on delivery, the Food Supply Delivery Agent will adjust the invoice.

•    Once you're satisfied with your order, please pay/sign the invoice.


Produce & Perishables

Please inspect all ready-to-eat, produce, dairy, fresh meat, seafood and poultry products thoroughly at the time of delivery. Because of product integrity and food safety concerns resulting from excessive handling, temperature control fluctuations, and other chains of product control quality issues, produce, dairy, fresh meat and poultry products aren't returnable except at the time of delivery.



•    Change of mind once an order has been dispatched or delivered for pick-up.

•    If you have collected your order, signed and have paid on faith the standard of the products delivered to you.

•    Expectation of taste/flavour of produce. Every fruit & vegetable has it's characteristic based on the growing condition, variety/cultivation traits. No product is going to be 100% perfect or maybe in taste even once we do our best in getting top quality.